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Huaray Precision Laser Co., Ltd. formally established in 2009 and realized mass production in the second year. We are developing very fast based on our technology and product. In 2014, we acquired Attodyne Inc in Canadaand found the Picosecond Laser R&D Center. In 2016, we build a new section for femtosecond laser.

Laser Makes Life Better

Brand Advantage

Consistent delivery

Huaray has established a world-class manufacturing base that can ensure batch reliability and consistency while satisfying the rapid delivery of lasers.


Market Oriented 

Adhere to the market demand as the guidance, research and development kinds of pulse width, kinds of wavelength laser products.

Quality Certification

All products have passed the European CE quality and safety certification, fully meet the requirements of industrial processing under strict conditions.


Global Service 

Huaray has established a global distribution and after-sales service system, quality products and service guarantee can make the user's investment more value.



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    Femtosecond laser glass weldin

    With the development of the 3C industry and the miniaturization of components, the realization of micro-connections between components to ensure high density an...

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    Femtosecond laser invisible QR

    The transparent material is marked with a two-dimensional code that is invisible to the naked eye, and the traceability function can be applied to mark traceabi...

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    Sub-nanosecond UV laser remova

    The Sub-nano-UV laser is used to remove the ink on the glass substrate, and the peak power of the laser can be controlled without damaging the substrate, and th...

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