Sub-nanosecond UV laser removal of glass-based inks

The Sub-nano-UV laser is used to remove the ink on the glass substrate, and the peak power of the laser can be controlled without damaging the substrate, and the processing quality is economical.

Glass deplating.png

The glass ink is a paste printed material obtained by mixing and mixing a coloring material and a binder.   The coloring material is composed of an inorganic pigment and a low melting point flux (lead glass powder).   The printed glass products are fired in a furnace at a temperature of 520 to 600 ° C, and the glaze printed on the glass surface can be consolidated on the glass to form a colorful shape.   At present, the front panel of the mobile phone is mostly covered by ink.   Due to the small aperture and the variety of shapes, the screen version cannot be separated from the glass in time.   When the screen printing plate is lifted, a certain ink is stuck on the bottom of the printing plate, which is also easy to cause.   Sticky.

Sub-Nano series lasers from Huarui Laser adopt MOPA structure and customized frequency multiplier module.   The output of UV laser with pulse width less than 1 ns has minimal damage to the glass substrate.   The scanning galvanometer system effectively solves the problem of small size pattern.   The problem of traditional screen printing yield is not high.

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