Femtosecond laser invisible QR code mark

The transparent material is marked with a two-dimensional code that is invisible to the naked eye, and the traceability function can be applied to mark traceability of various glass materials or non-glass materials.

The item two-dimensional code tracing technology is a kind of information that is directly attached to the item in the form of a two-dimensional code for the trace management of the item information.  In recent years, with the development of the two-dimensional code itself and the reading technology and laser technology, the two-dimensional code generated by the laser fine marking technology has gained more and more recognition as the main information carrier for the object body identification, in the automotive and aerospace industries.  The fields of electronics, medicine and military have broad application prospects, and are important development trends in the future of direct object traceability technology.  The laser two-dimensional code body mark is essentially different from the traditional laser mark.  The latter only sees a mark or serial number by the naked eye, while the laser two-dimensional code mark contains rich item information, which is a canonical data file. .  Different from the traditional barcode and QR code printing labels, the laser generated QR code identification can ensure that the item identification is intact throughout the life cycle of product manufacturing, distribution and use, and can be directly read by the reader or mobile terminal.  Code identification (data file) information, each identified object identity is unique, thus providing an effective and efficient means of identification for product manufacturing process management, traceability, anti-counterfeiting, and regulatory identification.

The traditional laser-marked two-dimensional code, which uses a nanosecond laser source, can be applied to most non-metallic and metal markings, but it is not enough for transparent and brittle materials such as glass.  With the increasing miniaturization of optical devices, traditional marking methods have been unable to accommodate miniaturized markings.  Now, the marking system equipped with the Huarui HR-Femto 50 series femtosecond laser, with the unique narrow pulse width and high single pulse energy of the femtosecond laser, can mark the invisible two-dimensional code on the transparent material and trace the trace.  Function, can be applied to the traceability of various glass materials or non-glass materials, including but not limited to mobile phone cameras, sensor chips and other products.

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