Olive series picosecond lasers

Olive series picosecond lasers

Olive High-power Picosecond Ultra-Fast Laser is a high performance-to-price ratio product which is aimed to micro processing field. Own brand laser seed, purchase & maintenance cost decrease 50%. The whole system guarantee products’ high reliability by main oscillator amplification structure, high reliable seed laser and minimalism route design.


Product Introduction

Olive series Picosecond Ultra-fast Lasers are robust and affordable, it produces high energy pulses with durations below 10 ps. The laser is based on a hybrid optical amplier architecture that combines the advantages of fiber laser technology with solid state diode pumped multi-pass ampliers.  Compact and water-cooled, this laser is low maintenance and never needs realignment.  With burst mode optional, it could be suitable for variety applications with low cost!


With own brand laser seed, purchase & maintenance cost decrease 50%.    Power stability less than 3% rms, can offer stable 355/532/1064nm output with short pulse width (<10ps).    The product can be customized according to customers' requirements concretely.

In order to realize the best processing performance, products have both programmable Burst Mode and PODtrigger function, it is the best choice for precision processing.




Glass Marking、Sappire Marking、Ceramic Cutting、Semiconducfor Cutting、LED/OLED Dicing、Wafer


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