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Nanosecond Solid-state Lasers

Give consideration to both "processing quality" and "economy"Support SHG and THG, achieve multi-wavelength output.


Picosecond Solid-state Lasers 

High energy pulses with durations below 10 ps. 



Femtosecond Fiber Laser

Output Power: up to 40 W

Pulse Duration: <350 fs to 5 ps
Pulse Energy: up to 200 μJ
Huaray has established a world-class manufacturing base that can ensure batch reliability and consistency while satisfying the rapid delivery of lasers.
All products have passed the European CE quality and safety certification, fully meet the requirements of industrial processing under strict conditions.
Adhere to the market demand as the guidance, research and development kinds of pulse width, kinds of wavelength laser products.
Huaray has established a global distribution and after-sales service system, quality products and service guarantee can make the user's investment more value.

Professional manufacturer of 

high-end ultrashort and ultrafast lasers.


  • Sub-nanosecond UV laser removal of glass-based inks

    Sub-nanosecond UV laser removal of glass-based inks

    The Sub-nano-UV laser is used to remove the ink on the glass substrate, and the peak power of the laser can be controlled without damaging the substrate, and the processing quality is economical.

  • Femtosecond laser invisible QR code mark

    Femtosecond laser invisible QR code mark

    The transparent material is marked with a two-dimensional code that is invisible to the naked eye, and the traceability function can be applied to mark traceability of various glass materials or non-glass materials.

  • Femtosecond laser glass welding

    Femtosecond laser glass welding

    Welded glass has always been considered a great challenge by manufacturers in the industrial sector, and femtosecond glass welding has the advantages of high precision and no heat impact.

  • Femtosecond laser cutting of hard brittle materials

    Femtosecond laser cutting of hard brittle materials

    Femtosecond laser processing time on the material is very short, the instantaneous ultra-high peak power instantaneously destroys the material, and the heat does not reach the surrounding conduction, only a large temperature gradient and a large tensile stress are generated along the cutting direction.