Huaray Laser appeared at the Tokyo Optoelectronics Exhibition in Japan!

From October 4th to 6th, the Tokyo Photonix 2023 opened grandly at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan! Huaray Laser displays its representative high-end products and uses laser tools to change your life!


Photonix2023 is one of the world's famous optoelectronics exhibitions, which represents the leading level of Asia's optoelectronics industry. The exhibition includes five major exhibition areas: laser, optics, optical sensing, medical photonics, and fiber optic communications. It is one of the world's famous optoelectronics exhibitions and represents the leading level of Asia's optoelectronics industry.


Huaray Laser's ultrafast laser products have been deeply involved in the Japanese market for many years. This time it is the second time to participate in the exhibition four years after the COVID-19 epidemic!

At this exhibition, Huaray Laser will bring high-end products that benchmark against Europe and the United States, such as air-cooled Maple UV lasers, Mopa fiber infrared lasers, Olive UV lasers and Femto fiber femtosecond lasers!

Maple air-cooled nanosecond UV laser


The new generation of Maple2s air-cooled nanosecond ultraviolet laser can adapt to a wider environmental temperature range; it is compact and easy to integrate, adapting to the needs of fast and precise laser processing production lines, with little thermal impact on the processing edge and high efficiency. Long-term stability and reliability can be guaranteed, and the product has passed CE certification.

MOPA fiber pulse laser


MOPA fiber laser is based on the MOPA structure of master oscillator power amplification and adopts all-fiber amplification mode. The laser supports independent adjustment of pulse width and frequency. The two laser parameters can be adjusted and matched to constant output of high peak power and high beam quality. Used in glass drilling, power battery aluminum shell marking, laser cleaning, etc.

Picosecond UV laser


The Olive series of picosecond UV lasers adopts a seed source independently developed and manufactured by Huari, which is stable and reliable in the long term. With multi-stage and multi-pass solid amplification technology, the laser has short optical path, small size and higher stability. The laser output pulse width is less than 10 ps and the thermal impact is lower.

Air-cooled fiber femtosecond laser


Femto A-10 industrial-grade fiber femtosecond laser adopts a unique air-cooled heat dissipation module, which is stable, reliable and adaptable, and can guarantee 24/7 operation. Supports output power >10 W at 1035 nm wavelength, single pulse energy >10 μJ, and pulse width temperature <400 fs. This series of products is not only used in industrial production, but also in scientific research fields such as biophotonics and photomedicine.

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Experienced sales staff and technical staff explain the product quality and advantages of Huaray Laser to customers at home and abroad who come for consultation. There was an endless stream of people coming to the exhibition site to visit and discuss cooperation.

Building on R&D strength and developing with service capabilities, Huaray Laser's service network has covered more than 20 countries and regions around the world. In order to continue to serve deep-sea and domestic cooperation, Huaray Laser actively appears in global exhibitions and competes in the global laser technology competition.

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