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Femtosecond laser cutting of hard brittle materials
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Femtosecond laser processing time on the material is very short, the instantaneous ultra-high peak power instantaneously destroys the material, and the heat does not reach the surrounding conduction, only a large temperature gradient and a large tensile stress are generated along the cutting direction. This tensile stress causes micro-cracks in the sapphire surface along the cutting direction, which ultimately completes the cutting. The Huarui HR-Femto series of femtosecond lasers have extremely high peak power density, and even if the single photon energy is lower than the material band gap, the electron valence band-conducting band transition can be realized by multiphoton absorption. The femtosecond ultrafast laser radiates photons, the material undergoes multiphoton absorption to generate conduction band electrons, and the electrons at high energy level emit phonons in the motion of the material, and transfer the absorbed energy to the crystal lattice, and the lattice undergoes energy deposition to cause the material. Melting or mechanical destruction for high quality micromachining. The laser is focused by the objective lens to obtain a um-level beam with a high peak power density. When the beam acts on the glass material, the beam center intensity is lower than the edge, which causes the material center refractive index to change more than the edge, the beam center propagation speed is slower than the edge, and the beam exhibits a nonlinear optical Kerr effect to generate self-focusing, which continues to improve. Power density. Until a low-density plasma is produced at a certain threshold material, the refractive index of the material center is lowered to achieve beam defocusing. In the actual cutting, the focus system and the focal length are optimized to achieve a repetitive focusing/defocusing process to form a stable perforation.

The HR-Femto series of femtosecond pulsed fiber lasers provide up to 200μJ of pulse energy. The HR-Femto series features an adjustable Burst Mode and thanks to precise POD control. It has a very high quality for arcs and corners of profiled cutting. Guarantee.